Thank you for your reviews

A huge thank you to everyone who has posted reviews for ‘The Things You Think You Cannot Do’ on Amazon or Goodreads. Also to those who have discussed their views on the book in person. It’s hugely helpful and encouraging for a new author to receive feedback, both positive and constructively critical.

The most recent review mentioned that the book ‘absolutely comprehends humanity at its best and at its worst’. This cuts to the heart of what I had set out to do in the novel and gave me huge heart!

The reviewer kindly expressed a wish that more books would be forthcoming. I’m currently working on a continuation of Jess and Todd’s story, which begins with the the birth of their child.

Please remember that my second novel, ‘Hope Restored In Florence’ is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. A very different book, it’s part crime story, part historical fiction, part art text – focusing on lesser known artists including women – and above all a window on my beloved Florence. Please check it out!

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Hi. Having taken part retirement from work I am fulfilling a long standing ambition to travel and share my experiences

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