Reduced price for ‘Hope Restored in Florence’

It’s been some time since I published the story of Lucrezia’s adventures in the beautiful city of Florence. The book can be enjoyed on a number of levels – a satisfying mystery, a paean to the jewel of the Renaissance, an exploration of some of the lesser known artists of the time or an insight into the life of one of the most interesting female characters in the history of Florence, Eleanora di Toledo.

To encourage more of you to share all the book has to offer, I’ve reduced the prices on Amazon; paperback is now £3.95 and Kindle £1.77. It’s simply too good to miss so go on, give it a try. You might finish up hopelessly in love with Florence, just like me…

Published by alastairstravels

Hi. Having taken part retirement from work I am fulfilling a long standing ambition to travel and share my experiences

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