Piero della Francesca and the art of the Italian Renaissance court

Introduction and outline The Renaissance court of the Italian city states is the archetypal cauldron where one can examine art and history in partnership. They were unique and vibrant places, populated by extraordinary characters whose lives and stories are akin to some of our most popular and dramatic television spectaculars. The Medici in Florence, theContinue reading “Piero della Francesca and the art of the Italian Renaissance court”

Bernini and Borromini – the battle for the Baroque

Introduction Most of my knowledge of the art and history of Italy focuses around Florence in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. For this article, I am delighted to move away to the city of Rome in the seventeenth century. The inspiration for this work was a Sky Arts documentary entitled ‘The Dark Baroque’, focusing onContinue reading “Bernini and Borromini – the battle for the Baroque”

Eleonora di Toledo and the art of Bronzino

Introduction The main subject of this article is the life of Eleonora di Toledo, wife of Duke Cosimo de’ Medici I of Florence and Tuscany. I first encountered Eleonora when I chose her as a character for a work of fiction I was writing and eventually self published, called ‘Hope Restored in Florence’. As aContinue reading “Eleonora di Toledo and the art of Bronzino”

The changing art of Sandro Botticelli

In this article we shall study the artistic output of one of the greatest Renaissance masters, Sandro Botticelli. Many of you will be familiar with his masterpiece in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, ‘The Birth of Venus’. By many it is regarded as the second most ‘famous’ painting in the world, after, of course, ‘MonaContinue reading “The changing art of Sandro Botticelli”

Caravaggio and the art of the Counter-Reformation

I have always been interested in history and art. From the outset, my first love has been the art of Italy, in particular the Renaissance, but over the years I have gradually extended my areas of expertise to either side of that temporal region and, to a lesser extent, widened my scope of appreciation geographically.Continue reading “Caravaggio and the art of the Counter-Reformation”

Reduced price for ‘Hope Restored in Florence’

It’s been some time since I published the story of Lucrezia’s adventures in the beautiful city of Florence. The book can be enjoyed on a number of levels – a satisfying mystery, a paean to the jewel of the Renaissance, an exploration of some of the lesser known artists of the time or an insightContinue reading “Reduced price for ‘Hope Restored in Florence’”

Thank you for your reviews

A huge thank you to everyone who has posted reviews for ‘The Things You Think You Cannot Do’ on Amazon or Goodreads. Also to those who have discussed their views on the book in person. It’s hugely helpful and encouraging for a new author to receive feedback, both positive and constructively critical. The most recentContinue reading “Thank you for your reviews”

Publication day!

Finally it’s here – ‘The Things You Think You Cannot Do’ is available on Amazon as ebook and paperback. I’m very proud and excited having reached this stage. Please consider having a look on Amazon and consider buying the book. Here’s the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08HSC1CM7/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= If you enjoy the book, please leave a review on AmazonContinue reading “Publication day!”

Reflections two months on

It’s been fascinating and exciting reading through the proof file of ‘The Things You Think You Cannot Do’ prior to its forthcoming publication. As any of you who write will recognise, as a work nears completion you’re repeatedly checking and editing each section rather than reading the whole work again (well, at least I was!)Continue reading “Reflections two months on”

The Things You Think You Cannot Do

The ideas in my first novel came from my work experiences as a GP when I witnessed ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges. It was obvious that the pandemic and the lockdown was the time to put these writings together in the back stories of three fictional lives and imagine how these characters would face theContinue reading “The Things You Think You Cannot Do”